One December Morning

Yesterday morning In the rain and fog, I ventured out with my camera.  Dense mist hovered over the ridges as I drove through the hills of the national forest near my home.  The lake beckoned.  It had been months since I'd visited her.  Over the summer, we'd spent a lot of time together.  This time, however, in the December rain, I enjoyed her beauty from the shore.

I encountered a flock, if you will, of black vultures.  There must have been twenty of them lurking in the trees near the lake.  They were not happy with my intrusion and voiced their displeasure, but tolerated it, allowing me to set up my tripod and adjust my camera settings.  

Cedar Lake:  Morning Mist

Cedar Lake:  Morning Mist

Now when I look at this photo, the stillness of that morning infuses me, returning me to that moment in time when everything else faded away.  There was only the water, the mist, the morning air, the trees, and the vultures looking down upon me.  And I was a part of it of it all.  That moment is now frozen in time.  

I have read that simply looking at images of water has a calming effect.  In my experience this certainly seems to be true.

Until next time...