The Long Road Home

Roads take us many places in life.  Some take us off to new adventures, when our spirits are elevated with wonder and possibility.  Other roads take us to places of drudgery or hardship.  I think the sweetest roads are the ones that take us home.

Home can be a state of mind, another person, the place where we grew up, a dwelling where we lay our heads to rest.  It can also be a place where we have never been, but have always longed for, some place that calls to us in our quietest moments.


The Long Road Home

This image was taken on the road in front of my little house in the country.  The gravel road stretches down the hill and round the curve, disappearing from sight, leaving that notion of home up to the interpretation of each viewer.

Ultimately, home is where we feel the most comfortable, the most secure, the most like our authentic selves.  

Wishing you the comfort that comes with making your way home, wherever that may be.

Until next time...