Dark and Dreamy

As cooler temperatures and shorter days have forced me to create photographs inside, my work has taken on a different tone.  It has become darker, dreamier, more sensual.  I recently did a series that was inspired by the musical, The Phantom of the Opera, a work whose dark sensuality I find to be extremely moving.   I am sharing a couple of the photos from that series with you.

These images play with light, shadow, and depth of field.  On the technical side, I used a 50mm lens that has a large aperture (f/1.8 in this case). This leads to some nice blurring of the out-of-focus areas and highlights certain aspects of the photos, giving the overall scene a dreaminess and a softness.  

Abandon Thought and Let the Dream Descend

Only Then Can You Belong to Me

With winter approaching and my introspective side coming out to play, you can expect to see more work from me like this.

Until next time...