I am a writer and photographer in love with story-telling. My photography is entwined with bits of memory and dream that flow through my consciousness.    In the end, aren’t memories just the stories that we tell ourselves?

My Story

I have created art since early childhood, painting collage, assemblage, drawing... anything I could get my hands on in order to leave a trace and to create beauty in a world that is oftentimes lacking in it.   Beauty is an antidote to pain.  When I take a moment to notice the tiniest, most wonderful things, the way a dragonfly's wings glitter in the sunlight, for example, I hurt just a little bit less.  The world seems a bit less gloomy.  I have loved the written word from the first time my mother read to me.  Art and writing have always been like old friends to whom I could turn  in order to express and explore something held quietly in the chambers of my heart.  Photography enables me to bring into being those stories, poems, feelings, and moods that are welling up inside me.  My work is informed by sixteen years spent practicing as a professional psychotherapist and by simply living as one who has experiences with love, loss, joy, wonder, and mystery.

I am a very proud member of The 12.12 Project, an international women's photography collective, consisting of photographers who use instant film.  The Project involves a group of12 photographers who make work to reflect 12 different themes, for 12 months.  Then a new cycle commences.  You can follow the 12.12 Project on facebook, and on Instagram.


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