Ghosts of September

With the senescence of autumn, the landscape takes on a loneliness; a barrenness, despite the skeletal remains of plants and trees dotting the hillsides; a sense of melancholy.  The lush, noisy days of summer are gone.  A quiet settles over the land.  On frosty mornings, the solitude is almost palpable.  

My latest series of sepia-toned portraits in the landscape reflect that sorrow, that isolation, and the loss of something both rare and fine.

November's Child

The Distance From Me to You

The Leaning Tree

If Only

In the Changing Light 

I Remember

The formal gowns in these photos relate a sense of being all dressed up with nowhere to go or of the party being over, a sense of something that was but no longer exists.  The black shawl speaks of protection against the elements.  The gowns contrast in texture and context with the rustic backdrop, whether it be the fluffy heads of dead goldenrods and asters in the meadow or the log siding of my house.

Seasons change, time marches onward, people come and go from our lives.  Birthdays come (mine is next week); we grow older.  These photographs honor those inevitable changes and our ability to not only withstand them, but to persevere with grace and one's sense of self intact.

Happy November.  Happy dio de los muertos.

Until next time...


Rainy Days of Autumn

In southern Illinois, fall typically seems to be the rainy season.  This October seems to be no exception.  We have had rain and clouds for four days in a row.  Some people might see this as depressing or dreary.  They may tire of the grey skies and the damp.

I, however, love the grey days of fall.  When the leaves start changing color, beneath a cover of clouds, they glow with a vibrancy that belies their slow, inevitable demise.  These days invite contemplation and reverie.  I tend to write more poetry in the fall, to daydream more, to journal more, to read more.  For one who is an introvert, it doesn't get any better than this.

The other day, while driving back from a photo shoot, I stopped at the scenic overlook near my house and snapped a few photographs with my black umbrella.  There was a drizzle coming down, punctuated by heavier bursts of rain.  Mist rose from the valley below and billowed around me.  A light wind swirled through the tree tops.  It was absolutely magical!

These days of autumn are golden.  May you enjoy their quiet beauty.

Until next time...