We Have a Winner!

This photograph from my Ladies of the Lake Series was just awarded a third place ribbon in the "Visions of Southern Illinois" Art Exhibit, 2014.

Lady with Black Umbrella

It was taken in August, 2014, at Cedar Lake in the Shawnee National Forest, just after sunrise.

I am honored and grateful to have received this award.  It encourages me to keep pursuing my vision, to keep following my heart.  To sweeten the honor even more, there are multiple people interested in buying this photograph (printed versions of all of my photographs are available for purchase.  I have a professional printer that accommodates 13" x 19" paper, and I use archival ink and papers in my printing.  These prints have an amazing depth of color!).

And, most of all,  I'm extremely grateful to all of you lovely readers who take time out of your busy lives to read these posts and offer me your on-going support and encouragement.  

Thank you!

Until next time...




Rainy Days of Autumn

In southern Illinois, fall typically seems to be the rainy season.  This October seems to be no exception.  We have had rain and clouds for four days in a row.  Some people might see this as depressing or dreary.  They may tire of the grey skies and the damp.

I, however, love the grey days of fall.  When the leaves start changing color, beneath a cover of clouds, they glow with a vibrancy that belies their slow, inevitable demise.  These days invite contemplation and reverie.  I tend to write more poetry in the fall, to daydream more, to journal more, to read more.  For one who is an introvert, it doesn't get any better than this.

The other day, while driving back from a photo shoot, I stopped at the scenic overlook near my house and snapped a few photographs with my black umbrella.  There was a drizzle coming down, punctuated by heavier bursts of rain.  Mist rose from the valley below and billowed around me.  A light wind swirled through the tree tops.  It was absolutely magical!

These days of autumn are golden.  May you enjoy their quiet beauty.

Until next time...