Ladies of the Lake

Since childhood, I have been enthralled with the mythical Lady of the Lake, a magical creature from the Arthurian legends.  She is known by different names in different legends, including Viviane, Ninianne, and Nimue, which, for me, furthers the mystery surrounding her.  Her most notable feat is rising from the lake to bestow upon Arthur the enchanted sword, Excalibur.  She is also known to bewitch Merlin, who is completely enamored with her, and persuade him to share the secrets of his magic.  Following a battle in which King Arthur is wounded, the Lady of the Lake is one of four queens who deliver his body to Avalon, a mystical island, so that he can heal.  In all tales she is powerful, smart, and beautiful.

In my series, there are four Ladies of the Lake.  Each Lady is characterized by a dress of a different color-- grey, pink, white, and black-- which evokes a different mood.  The grey dress is ethereal as it emerges from the pearly water.  The pink dress is soft, romantic.  The white dress speaks of innocence. The black one is seductive.  The Ladies also emerge from the lake bearing a bouquet of flowers, including pink roses.  Pink roses happen to be among my favorite flowers and are said to symbolize gratitude and love.  I associate flowers in general with youth, beauty, life, and feminine sexuality, making them the perfect symbol for my other-worldly women.




More Ladies of the Lake photographs to follow in upcoming posts.  Stay tuned.

Until next time...