Great-Grandma Esther's Apron

In these images, which were taken last week, I am wearing an apron that had belonged to my great-grandmother, Esther.  She died in 1972 when I was a small child, and unfortunately, I have no memory of her.  My mom has told me over the years that I am similar to her in some key ways.  I find it fascinating how some traits that we think are uniquely ours actually are passed down through the genetic code.  I look at my grandma, my mom, my daughter, my aunts, my cousins, and I see the physical resemblances.  Those are obvious and understandable to me.  It is the personality traits that interest me more.  Both Grandma Esther and I shared a deep fondness for beauty and have a way bringing that in our homes and our lives.  And so, I have always felt this connection with her.  These images honor that connection.  

These photographs also celebrate morning light, and the rural landscape that surrounds me.  Grandma Esther lived in rural areas of both southern Wisconsin and northern Wisconsin, and so we have that in common also.  The photos seem to speak of times past, yet I am unable to place them in a specific era.

Smelling the Roses

The Long Walk Home

Gather Ye Rosebuds

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A Change in the Air

As one who lives way out in the country, I am much more deeply connected to the changing seasons than when I lived in town.  Although it is early August, the air already speaks of the coming autumn.  The nights have been cooler, the light more golden.  The meadow that comprises a large part of my yard, my own little wildlife habitat, is preparing itself for the dance of the goldenrods.  When these native plants come out to play, entire fields and hillsides rejoice.  It is the last hurrah before the blaze of autumn and the hush of winter, almost a season in itself.  

These photographs celebrate this slight change in the air as time marches forward and honor a moment of solitude in the natural world.

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Most of the photographs I create are shot at dawn.  The light of dawn is softer, dreamier than at any other time of the day.  When mist hangs over the land, the effect like atmospheric alchemy.  Everything it touches turns to gold.