Ladies of the Lake-- Part II

The second installment of my Ladies of the Lake Series depicts women in the same four dress colors, but this time, their heads are visible.  In these images, part of the story is told in the Ladies' hairstyles and facial expressions, in addition to the color of the dresses.  The mood of the photograph and the nature of each photographic subject changes depending on whether the hair is long and loose or neatly pinned, whether she is looking down or off to the side.  Unencumbered hair has a naturalness, a sensuality to it.  Upturned hair has a polish and an elegance to it.  Flowers remain a predominant theme in these images.  

As always, morning light adds magic to the scene, similar to sprinkling everything with pixie dust.  The lake changes every time I venture out, even though I am out there at the same time for each shoot.  The light has a huge impact on the color tone of the lake.  Cool, overcast mornings produce a mist that rises in thin plumes and murky blue-grey water.  Clearer mornings result in water that appears very green.  

Lady in White I

Lady in Pink VII

Lady in Grey III

Lady in Black I

When out in the water, I feel myself becoming a part of the lake itself.  At those moments, it is not just something that envelops me, but I take on its liquidity, its luminescence, allowing them to soak into my being, as I stand submerged, completely still, waiting for the shutter to click. The herons at the shoreline, the occasional jumping fish, the flock of geese overhead all seem to accept my presence there as the most natural thing.   And so, each morning at dawn, she calls to me, this lake, luring me from the comfort of my bed to venture out into her green waters and become one with her, if only for a little while.  Though sleep still tugs as me, though my dreams remain unfinished, I happily oblige.

By the way, if you wish to see an enlarged version of each image, simply click on it, and it will open in a lightbox.

Until next time...