Catch the Wind

"When rain has hung the leaves with tears... Ah, but I may as well try and catch the wind..."  These lyrics are from one of my favorite songs, Catch the Wind, written by Donovan Leitch, which makes a great soundtrack for an autumn day. 

The day these photos were taken, the leaves were heavy with rain, and a wind blew up from the southwest.  Overcast skies deepened the colors of the season.  Wind wrapped itself around my body, twirling my hair, as I stood in the meadows that line the perimeter of my property.  

Autumn Breeze

The Valley Below

Catching the effects of wind in a photograph is something I strive for.  Wind changes everything, not just the way my hair falls or the drape of my skirt, but also the landscape.  Nature seems to either lean into it or bend with it, depending on its force and the direction from which it is coming.  

Isn't that what we do in this life, when something strong and fierce is bearing down on us?  We either lean into it and fight to hold our ground or give into it and let it blow us away.  I am one who is working on staying grounded, on not allowing myself to be blown away-- except by beauty and good poetry and authentic emotion and, above all, love.  Those elements are an entirely different story! And not only do I want to catch the winds that brings those things my way, I want to harness them and ride them as far as they will take me.

Until next time...