Poetic Imagery Fine Art Photography is the realization of a lifelong dream belonging to Anne Silver.  As a writer and photographer in love with story-telling, Anne has set about to share with others glimpses into worlds that populate her imagination, bits of memory and dream that flow through her consciousness.    

My Story

I have created art since early childhood and have loved the written word from the first time my mother read to me.  Art and writing have always been like old friends whom I could turn to in order to express something held deeply inside of me.  Fine art photography enables me to bring into being those stories, poems, feelings, and moods in ways that are visible to others.  My work is informed by sixteen years spent practicing as a professional psychotherapist and by simply living as one who has experiences with love, loss, joy, wonder, and mystery.

Many of the photos presented here are self-portraits.  This method of art provides me the opportunity to become, if only temporarily, the characters that populate stories sprinkled throughout my imagination.  It allows me to connect with the deeper parts of myself and to explore my relationship to the things that speak to my soul.

The others represent my love for the natural world, my travels, people in my life.  And my love of light.  Photography, at its essence, is about capturing light and the way it touches people and objects in the photos.  

My intention in creating art is to make photographs that seem to have stepped out of some other time.  I have always had a reverence for things of the past--clothing, architecture, artifacts-- and this influences my work.  I also strive to create pieces that are both haunting and ethereal, framing an intention to convey the mood of dreams that linger and simply refuse to let go.  As an eternal romantic, these images showcase an element of expectation and a touch of sensuality. 

I have fallen madly in love instant photography, specifically old, rickety polaroid cameras.  My newest venture is into 120 film photography, which I have started to develop myself.  As you stay tuned, you will see more of my film photography filling up the pages of this site.  

I am a very proud 2017 member of The 12.12 Project, a women's photography collective consisting of photographers who use instant film.  The Project involves 12 photographers, focusing on 12 different themes, for 12 months.  You can follow the 12.12 Project on facebook, and on Instagram.

I am also a very proud staff member/writer for PRYME Editions, instant photography journal.


  • Online features by the Polavoid, Hylas Magazine, Polaroiders Italia, Elston Gunn Magazine, Square Magazine, Fine Grain Magazine, the Impossible Project, Film Shooters Collective, Expired Film Gallery, Filmroses Gallery, Dark Souls Poetry Gallery, Analog4you blog, Ladies Who Shoot Film.
  • Publications:  
    • Square Magazine, cover photo, July 15, 2017
    • HYLAS Magazine, Upcoming issue "Dreams," 2017
    • 100 Volume one, Upcoming Instant Issue, 2017
    • Shoot Film UK, Instant Photography Issue, 2017
  • Expositions:  
    • Visions of Southern Illinois, Anna, IL. 2nd place winner, 2014.
    • Cedarhurst Center for the Arts, Shrode Photography Competition Juried Participant, Mount Vernon, IL, November, 2015.
    • Expolaroid, La Cale, Nantes, France, April 2017.
    • Instant 085, Group Exposition of Polaroid Photography, Pescara, Italy, 2017
    • PRYME Editions Online Group Exposition "Conversations with Light,"  October, 2017

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